Hello December!

WordPress deleted my post. I hate this.

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Still Plugging Along

Most of the upheaval is over and the words are beginning to flow again. Slowly. Very slowly.

I have little hope of finishing with 50,000 words, but I’m still picking away at the story and I like how it’s coming along. Even though it is a very slow coming along that it’s doing.


There has been no editing to speak of, but not because I haven’t been thinking about it, more like I’ve been thinking a great deal about it while I’m in the midst of the various emotional thunderstorms brought on by drama-loving offspring.

Then there’s the job, but I’d rather not think about that. The upcoming holidays aren’t helping any, but I still have my heart set on getting the second book out by July. Sometime around the first anniversary of the first book coming out.

Happy November. If you’re NaNo-ing, yay for you and keep up the good work. If you’re not, yay for you and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing that you want to be doing this month… uh… yeah.

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Na…Not this year

I’m giving up on NaNoWriMo this year.

Things in my personal life have decided to derail my desire to write, simply because I am not allowed to bitch-slap people who desperately need it. My hands have been tied and I cannot tell the loser liars to shut the hell up. Instead I must sit by while people whine and dramatize their angst in poorly written private messages and in other unpleasant ways.

This kind of thing really cripples my ability to relax enough to write, because I’m always sitting here waiting for the next “disaster” to fall into our laps.

The only good thing to happen this week was having our home state vote to legalize gay marriage. My beloved and I have been whispering plans for our special day.

And Friday. Friday is a good thing and it’s happening this week. That’s two things.

Believe me, those two things help. A lot.

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NaNoT Quite.

Ugh! This year’s NaNoWriMo project isn’t going nearly as well as previous years’ endeavors. My word count is dismal, I’m about 10,000 words behind and judging from the looks of the coming week, it’s not going to improve much between now and the end of the month.

But I will not lose hope just yet. I’ve been promised some good writing time. We have a day off on the 12th (although we’ll be getting the place ready for Thanksgiving AND a fireplace insert, so writing will come much later in the day, if at all), and conferences during the week so I could come home a couple hours early once or twice that week and eke out a few extra words. There’s the day after Thanksgiving that may or may not see us traveling to the beach, however I WILL take some time to get words in during that long weekend.

It feels strange to be this far behind on something I love as much as I do NaNoWriMo. There are some folks out there who poo-pooh the idea of writing like this, and some who don’t like the “win or lose” mentality associated with it. But I’m of the opinion that anything that gets a writer to write, to unclog any blocks, is a good thing. The win/lose aspect of it does kind of bother me, but I look at it as a goal and if I achieve it then I’m pleased, if I don’t… well, I’ve not had to deal with that yet, so I’m hoping this won’t be the year I get to experience it. 🙂

The manuscript I’m working on this year is something new, so what I’ll have is the first draft/outline that I’ll be able to use later on. But at least the idea is down and won’t be forgotten. Barring any ugly technological catastrophes, anyway.

So, if you’re working on NaNoWriMo, I hope you’re doing well, and if you’re not, I hope you’re happy with what you have and that you’ll keep working on it even after November ends.

I know I will. 

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