Still plugging away at the second book in the series. It had been a complete work that simply needed revising, then my brain made a suggestion that sounded pretty darn good, so we went with it.

Now the second book is going in a different direction, but it’s one that I kind of like. There are more answers to be found, and more color for the characters, both old and new. But it is difficult for me to accept these changes, after all, it means a lot more work and after this round of revision, I’ll simply be ending up with another first draft of the same thing… just different.

“It’s ok to let go of the old draft” has become one of my editing mantras. Quite often I can be heard muttering, “it’s ok. It’s ok. I’M OK!”

That last bit really does happen because surgically removing passages that I really liked, but don’t move the story in the right direction, is painful and I must remind myself that both the manuscript and I will survive. Post Op can be such a drag, but once the healing is over, you feel much better. Right?


Be not afraid of changes, they make the writing better! (Now, imagine that in Charleton Heston’s voice, and it REALLY improves it!) Sometimes moving forward means taking a few steps back in order to make it better.

So, I’ll keep chugging away. My resolve to work on the manuscript every day is holding fairly well, with only a couple no-shows on my part. I think I’ve made progress toward becoming a real writer!

How about you? Are you moving forward as well?


About Ms. Karen

This is what happens when you live with a writer: there are pens everywhere, except by the phone; notebooks...so many notebooks with strange scribblings that make no sense but must never be thrown away; and long rambling monologues about what certain characters would, or would not do in a given situation. It's almost as difficult as living with an artist. Man, THOSE people are bizarre...
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2 Responses to Editing

  1. Selma says:

    I’m stagnating. My recent bouts of anxiety have stopped me from writing anything which of course is making me feel more anxious. Sheesh. You inspire me Karen. It’s amazing how much of a difference doing a little bit every day makes!


  2. Karen says:

    Selma, believe me when I say I totally understand about the anxiety. I’ve been in a pretty good place lately, so it’s been ok for me to write. But those times of anxiety that stifle the ability to write make the dark times darker. That’s when I start listening to my sweetie who keeps telling me to write. “Write anything,” she says, “and it will start coming back.”


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