I’m a Winner!

I did it! I finished my NaNoWriMo project for this year, and I stayed ahead of the game as well, thanks in no small part to my very understanding partner.

This year’s story was a change from my usual genre, yet one I found to be quite enjoyable to write. It came together nicely, and the best part is, when I’d reached the 50k mark, I was able to draw it to a logical close. The storyline is complete.

That’s a first, my friends. I usually end up with 50k being 3/4 of the way through the story I want to tell, so I surge forward and keep pushing the word count higher every day. This story is closed. It’s rough and should I decide to go ahead an attempt to publish a romance (ack! yes! I wrote a romance! ack!), the editing process may not take quite as long, simply because I have an end in sight.

My other projects…? Well, they’re a series, so the endings aren’t exactly endings, which makes it somewhat crazy to write, and crazier to edit (especially when you get subsequent drafts written and you have to remember which one introduced what character or fact surrounding everyone).

Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of November, maybe get caught up on my correspondence, or haunt the NaNoWriMo forum, or pay more attention to the blogosphere… or my family…

Cheers to fun writing times, changes in direction (even when it’s only temporary), and loved ones who “get it” when you’re in the zone.


About Ms. Karen

This is what happens when you live with a writer: there are pens everywhere, except by the phone; notebooks...so many notebooks with strange scribblings that make no sense but must never be thrown away; and long rambling monologues about what certain characters would, or would not do in a given situation. It's almost as difficult as living with an artist. Man, THOSE people are bizarre...
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3 Responses to I’m a Winner!

  1. daoine says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! What a nice feeling to savour.


  2. Selma says:

    I am so excited you have finished and that it is complete. That is brilliant. A romance, eh? I bet it is FAB. You must submit it somewhere. I have about 7,000 words to go and I feel very weary now. But the end is in sight so I will soldier on. However, as usual, my novel will only be halfway finished. Such is life.

    Really pleased for you, Karen!


  3. Sagacious Woman says:

    Woo Hoo! You are on a roll Karen-Congrats!!


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